Fear free Grooming

Certified Fear Free Groomer

  • Courtney is behavior focused dog groomer. She is fear free certified and offers one on one grooming appts. 
  • Grooming can be a stressful experience due to handling/restraint, noises, new environment etc. With the limited distractions, in depth knowledge of body language and behavior she has been able to help many dogs trust and have stress free grooming appts. 
  • Courtney also offers Self Serve dog wash with Courtney training appts. During this appt courtney will guide you through the grooming process. She will show proper techniques for best results and safety. She will also be mindful of your dogs emotional state and may ask we stop and come up with a training/cooperative care plan to ensure your dog has a positive experience. She host a monthly nail trim clinic at Petagogy to raise money for Biggies Bullies rescue. Courtney is constantly challenging herself with learning new techniques and tools by attending seminars/webinars and conventions. If you have interest in this service please feel free to contact Courtney at courtneysdoggrooming@gmail.com for more information.



with all together better, my goal is to provide a safe space for your and your dog to learn.

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