Our Process

We believe that all services and care should be based in the process of the self discovery journey for you and your dog.

the stages of insight and growth development

(1) Discovery

The Discovery stage is about identifying and defining the values and priorities that will guide your actions through the process.  We will do the same for your dog, identifying what makes them a unique individual. You will learn how to set yourself up for success with practices that will train your dog to manage and cope with the various elements of the outside world. You will learn how dogs are taught through capturing, luring and shaping. You will also learn how to manage your dogs environments, and how to keep them safe. One key skill is learning to read your dogs body language, and how to position yourself to appropriately respond with your body language. Discovery is all about understanding where we’re at now, and where we would like to go!


(2) Exploration

In our second step. we will continue to build on what we learned about you, your dog, and your unique human-canine relationship during the Discovery stage. We will begin to develop practice routines to better enable you and your dog to understand each other. We will explore the different expectations at each life stage and help you understand how to relate these expectation to real life situations.

(3) Foundation

Now it’s time to lay the groundwork skills. At this point, we will be in line with your values and goals and actively working towards the freedom and relationship that you are looking for. Your understanding and communication should be becoming more natural to you. You should be able to effectively manage and feel confident in your leadership skills.

(4) Intentional Growth

At this stage in the process, you and your dog will have established strong communication skills and a working relationship that will enable you to work toward next level goals. This is where you may start branching into dog sports, looking for new challenges or just enjoy the journey of mastering your basic skills. Things that may be of interest to you and your dog could be a canine good citizen certification or certification as a therapy dog. Working with your dog is an ongoing investment. The more time and energy you invest, the greater the benefits to you and your dog!


As with any development process, it’s important to take a step back and evaluate your progress, reflecting on the challenges you overcame and to celebrate your victories! Take this opportunity to consider how you will utilize what you have learned to continue moving you and your dog further along in your journey. 


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