Courageously confronting conflict with curiosity

Creating a safe place to practice being curious and empathetic through communication.

This is a Free event 

This workshop is designed to develop and practice listening skills that focus on how to expand our understanding of others as well as how to be understood. 

  • In this space we practice these three C’s of Connection:  curiosity, consideration and compassion seeking to understand others. 
  • In this space we do not practice these three C’s of Disconnection: we do not condemn, criticize or complain about others. 
  • It’s ok to disagree, it’s ok to have big feelings as long as you don’t direct those toward others. Anger and personal attacks will not be tolerated. My intention is to create a space where we can grow and learn to evolve together to improve our communication while building community and relationships. 

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The format: ZOOM

This is an interactive experience that is based on being courageous, we ask that you turn on your video and participate in the breakout sessions. If you are uncomfortable participating we kindly ask that you choose to opt out on the intake form.